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100 мл. "Hameleon"

Чернила Hameleon для принтеров Brother по 100 мл. - купить в Волгограде.

Всегда в наличии чернила "HAMELEON" для принтеров Canon. Совместимость с моделями принтеров Canon можно уточнить по телефону 94-33-97 или по e-mail: manager@office911.ru

Совместимость чернил Hameleon Brother


ЧЕРНИЛА СОВМЕСТИМЫЕ С ПРИНТЕРАМИ BROTHER: * Brother DCP 115C *Brother DCP 130C *Brother DCP 135C *Brother DCP 145C *Brother DCP 150C *Brother DCP 153C *Brother DCP 155C *Brother DCP 165C *Brother DCP 185C *Brother DCP 193C *Brother DCP 195C *Brother DCP 330C *Brother DCP 350C *Brother DCP 353C *Brother DCP 357C *Brother DCP 385C *Brother DCP 535CN *Brother DCP 540CN *Brother DCP 560CN *Brother DCP 585CW *Brother DCP 6690CW *Brother DCP 750CN *Brother DCP 750CW *Brother DCP 770CW *Brother DCP J132W *Brother DCP J152W *Brother DCP J4110DW *Brother DCP J4410DW *Brother DCP J4510DW *Brother DCP J4610DW *Brother DCP J470DW *Brother DCP J4710DW *Brother DCP J552DW *Brother DCP J650DW *Brother DCP J6520 *Brother DCP J6520DW *Brother DCP J6720DW *Brother DCP J6920DW *Brother DCP J752DW *Brother DCP J870DW *Brother IntelliFax 1860C *Brother IntelliFax 1960C *Brother IntelliFax 2480C *Brother IntelliFax 2580C *Brother MFC 230C *Brother MFC 235C *Brother MFC 240C *Brother MFC 250C *Brother MFC 260C *Brother MFC 290C *Brother MFC 3360C *Brother MFC 440CN *Brother MFC 460CN *Brother MFC 465CN *Brother MFC 480CN *Brother MFC 490CN *Brother MFC 490CW *Brother MFC 5460CN *Brother MFC 5490CN *Brother MFC 5860CN *Brother MFC 5890CN *Brother MFC 630CD *Brother MFC 630CDW *Brother MFC 6490CN *Brother MFC 6490CW *Brother MFC 650CD *Brother MFC 650CDW *Brother MFC 660CN *Brother MFC 665CW *Brother MFC 670CD *Brother MFC 670CDW *Brother MFC 680CN *Brother MFC 685CW *Brother MFC 6890CDW *Brother MFC 790CW *Brother MFC 845CW *Brother MFC 850CDN *Brother MFC 850CDWN *Brother MFC 860CDN *Brother MFC 870CDN *Brother MFC 870CDWN *Brother MFC 880CDN *Brother MFC 880CDWN *Brother MFC 885CW *Brother MFC 930CDN *Brother MFC 930CDWN *Brother MFC 990CW -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ЧЕРНИЛА СОВМЕСТИМЫЕ С КАРТРИДЖАМИ BROTHER: *Brother LC-1000Bk *Brother LC-1000C *Brother LC-1000M *Brother LC-1000Y *Brother LC-103BK *Brother LC-103C *Brother LC-103M *Brother LC-103Y *Brother LC-1100Bk *Brother LC-1100C *Brother LC-1100HYBk *Brother LC-1100HYC *Brother LC-1100HYM *Brother LC-1100HYY *Brother LC-1100M *Brother LC-1100Y *Brother LC-123BK *Brother LC-123C *Brother LC-123M *Brother LC-123Y *Brother LC-900Bk *Brother LC-900C *Brother LC-900M *Brother LC-900Y *Brother LC-980Bk *Brother LC-980C *Brother LC-980M *Brother LC-980Y
    +7(969) 651-00-90 (Сервис)

    +7(962) 760-18-69 (Полиграфия)

    Адрес: Волгоград, ул.Калинина, д.3


  • Волгоград, ул.Калинина, д.3
  • +7 (8442) 94-33-97
  • info@office911.ru

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